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Google Reviews

I highly recommend Alternative Car Care. They are friendly and accommodating but more importantly HONEST. I will never hesitate to bring my vehicle to Alternative Car Care at any time. They are also a friend to dogs, esp to "bully" breeds, which are dear to my heart! Be sure to look forward to the Annual Pictures with Santa!

Jean C., Google Review

They are very trustworthy. My family and I have been going there for years and highly recommend. Whenever I need service, even if in an emergency, they fit m in. Feel their prices are competitive and that they are honest. great friendly staff.

Kathy C., Google Review

Love them! Go there every time there is a problem for my car or even just an oil change. Awesome, genuinely friendly staff. Good prices and they get the job done. I have taken my car there since the day I bought it in 2003.

Courtney L., Google Review

I runs a used car lot called Surf Auto Brokers llc in Lake Como NJ. I drove a 2005 Ford Ranger Pick Up to these guys for a customer about to purchase. I as usual always have skepticism with mechanics who seem more like politicians these days. I was pleasantly surprised to find these guys have old fashioned integrity. They are as honest as they come and knowledgeable. I watched three different customers come in and out while I waited for my truck to get checked. I actually heard them give the customers honest advice. Where most places would try to sell a repair they told the customers what they found and in many case that the repair was not needed. This is the best service place in the entire state of NJ. When you do a repair here it needs to be repaired and if it doesn't they will let you know. Congratulations guys you are as good as they come.

Michael W., Google Review

This is one of the best establishments to have your car serviced, bar none. They have been working on my cars since 1992. Honest, well trained staff, that explains everything to you in detail and shows you the worn or broken parts. In fact one time I broke down was towed to them, they called me up and said, "I looked at your registration and if my calculations is correct? The computer is still under warranty for 10 more days." They were correct and dealership replaced a $1400 computer at no charge, only because of the honesty of Jerry the owner, would I have ever known that. I read some review of not liking women?? That is so far from the truth, I have a wife and two daughters, all of them have there cars serviced and have never ever not been treated without the utmost respect. Having a great mechanic in your life, is one less thing you will need to worry about, if you become a customer of Alternative Car Care!

John A., Google Review

My fiance had been going to Alternative Car Care for years and finally converted me. I was very happy to make the conversion as I have never felt so at home in a car care location! Cathy, Jerry and crew are all very friendly and passionate about providing great service. They do great work and offer valid recommendations. I would refer any friend or family that needed car care. I also like the loves and snuggles from Mia!!

Alternative Car Care provides excellent service. I've been a customer for 10 years and I've always been satisfied. The work done is first-rate, and needless work is never done. I have complete trust in Jerry's judgment, and I'm confident that my cars are well cared for. I would not take them to any other repair shop.

They are the best. I'm a woman and they treated me with such respect. They called me with what they found and gave me an estimate on the cost. When I went to pick up my car they showed me the parts and explained how they worked !!! I didn't know anything about car's and was greatful they actually took time to explain. The cost was exactly what they quoted me...I really love that they are animal friendly and have treats for dogs!! I will bring my dog next time I go...GREAT PLACE